Baby Box:  A Place for a Baby's Life

It's for the life of a baby who is unwanted, unexpected and unloved.

It's for the life of a baby whose mother has, for reasons unknown, decided to leave her child in a stairwell, garbage can or deep, deep well.

It sounds awful, but that is reality in Latvia today.  Each year, at least a few newborns who have been abandoned to die are found in our country.

How many are there who were never found?

With support of
Latvijas Bērnu Fonds
Liepājas Regional Hospital
Slimnīcas street 25
(there are signs to lead to the Baby Box)

Daugavpils Regional Hospital
Daugavpils, Vasarnīcu street 20
(there are signs to lead to the Baby Box)

Northern Kurzeme Regional Hospital
Inženieru Street 60, Ventspils
(see signposts)

Rēzekne hospital
18 November Street 41, Rēzekne
(follow signposts)

Vidzeme hospital
Jumaras Street 195, Valmiera
(follow signposts)

Madona hospital
Rūpniecības Street 38, Madona
(follow signposts)